Link11 warnt: DDoS-Erpresser starten 90 Gbps-Attacken und ...

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The rise of an armada of Armada Collective copycats After that event, extortion attempts from the group waned, but in the winter of 2016, many companies started reporting similar DDoS-for-Bitcoin ... "We are a HACKER TEAM - Armada Collective. 1 - We have checked your information security systems, setup is poor; the systems are very vulnerable and obsolete. 2 - We'll begin attack on Tuesday 06-09-2016 8:00 p.m.!!!!! 3 - We'll execute some targeted attacks and check your DDoS servers by the 10-300 Gbps attack power 4 - We'll run a security breach test of your servers through the determined ... The hackers are reportedly part of a group known as “The Armada Collective,” who have allegedly attacked and extorted businesses in countries like Greece, Switzerland, and Thailand. The Bank of Greece told press that this attack constituted a “serious threat,” and that counter initiatives would be deployed. In our second story, more drama hit the Bitcoin community, as Theymos and ... „Armada Collective“ nennt sich eine Erpressergruppe, die zurzeit mit gezielten DDoS-Angriffen in Europa umgeht. Vorbild ist offenbar die cyberkriminelle Gruppe DD4BC („DDoS for Bitcoin“), die im Sommer 2015 für Schlagzeilen sorgte. Das System funktioniert wie die klassische Schutzgelderpressung durch die Mafia: „Geld her oder wir legen dir den Laden lahm!“ Im Namen von „Armada Collective“ haben mehrere Finanzinstitute in der vergangenen Woche Erpresser-E-Mails erhalten. Die Bedrohung durch die Nachahmungstäter ist im Unterschied zu vielen anderen Copycats real, denn die Täter haben eine Warnattacke von 90 Gbps gelauncht.

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