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Bitcoin on eBay?

Hi i live in the uk. Ive seen listings on eBay which are listed as mining contracts. For example 0.01 is listed for £183 pounds. When in reality 183 would currently buy you 0.02. so whats the deal with these. Am i missing somthing
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I used to sell Bitcoin on eBay.

So it was 2013 or so, and neither eBay nor PayPal had figured this shit out yet. I found that folks would pay around a 20% premium to buy coins on eBay, as opposed to learning the right way. So I dove in.
I'd buy a Bitcoin, and then sell it by the tenths. I was so pleased with myself. Now, you see it coming...if I'd have HODL'ed all of those bitches...I'd fucking own eBay right now.
Sad face...happy face. Still #WINNING
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I've already given up on selling bitcoin on eBay

If you ever wonder why people don't offer PayPal for bitcoin services on sites like eBay, this is one of the reasons why.
So here's the story...
I had a listing for bitcoin on the site and this woman purchased it on the 7th. What I do in my listing is send a physical code to the buyers address to confirm they're the account owners which they can then redeem for the bitcoin. This whole process really doesn't take that long, a mere 3-6 days where comparable exchanges can take a week or longer.
But anyway, this woman immediately starts messaging me that she wants it immediately so offers to provide her ID to confirm she's the account owner. I accept this and get potato quality photos which doesn't confirm anything so I ask her to retake them. Eventually after complaining a bunch she sends it and I release the coins on the 8th. So within 48 hours she got the coins that she should have had to wait a week or longer for.
I'm a new seller, so obviously feedback is a big deal to me. Guess what, she goes and leaves negative feedback. With only two other feedback on my account, I'm now down 33% all because of this woman who I went above and beyond for. I called eBay support, and they just gave me the typical run around and refused to revise it. I've since given up on selling bitcoin on eBay. Thanks for listening to me vent.
Tl;Dr - Woman gets bitcoin in 48 hours instead of a week and leaves negative feedback. I called eBay and they didn't do shit.
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Selling Bitcoin on Ebay - "Hypothetically scamming the scammer" - How would this play out?

Hi Everyone - I, along with allot of people thought it would be a great Idea to resell bitcoin from one of my sources on Ebay. Great to do when you don't do any research right!?
Well like allot of you, 75% of my buyers claimed there account had been hacked, started a case with Paypal etc etc etc. Luckily i'm not Down too much!
However, I wanted to ask you experienced sellers/ Paypallers etc how this would pan out: "Hypothetically of course"
When this occurs, Paypal asks you to either refund the full amount or prove that you sent the item. As my Bitcoins i am listing is in the BitMiners Category it is listed as a physical product. What If "Hypothetically" you sent a Blank evenlope to the Scammer with Tracking. Then upload the tracking info to Paypal.
Would PayPal be able to take the Sellers side and let you keep the money?
How would this pan out?
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Can i pay with bitcoin on ebay?

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How To Use Ethereum & Bitcoin On eBay And CraigsList

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I know it was stupid but I just lost 20 bitcoins by selling bitcoins on ebay. DO NOT SELL YOUR BITCOINS ON EBAY!

You know, just in case you're as dumb as me.
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Great deals for Bitcoin on eBay /s

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Buying Bitcoin on Ebay...

I just had a wild hair and searched for Bitcoin on Ebay and there were a lot of listings. From what I understand, Bitcoin is not covered by PayPal buyer protection.
The only ones I would even consider buying are the small increment Bitcoin, but they are selling them for twice their market value. Why would someone by $5 worth of Bitcoin on Ebay for $10? They are selling them too.
I am just trying to figure out the angle...
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How To Use Ethereum & Bitcoin On eBay And CraigsList

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Don't sell Bitcoins on eBay

I got the bright idea of selling Bitcoins on eBay. Everything was going great, I was selling for about $170/BTC, did it for a day and then the emails came in.
"I didn't order anything from you"
"Who are you? Why have you charged my PayPal account?"
Turns out most of the sales where from people who had their passwords stolen. Now I have about 10 disputed claims totaling about $1000 that are frozen by PayPal while they try and sort this mess out. I fear it will not end well for me because they keep asking for tracking numbers and shipping documentation. All I can give are screenshots of the coinbase transaction. Hopefully it all works out, but I have learned my lesson. If its too good to be true, it probably is.
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How not to sell bitcoin on eBay

I imitated the requirements of other eBay sellers which ask for matching names, positive feedback, and recent activity. My experience was 4 normal transactions, 4 fraudulent transactions (CC chargebacks), and 5 attempted transactions by buyers not meeting the requirements.
So where does this leave me? Since I charged less than 100% overhead, I lost money on the 50% fraud rate. The chargebacks make my PayPal account look worse. The auctions I had to cancel because of buyers who didn't meet requirements probably made my eBay account look worse. So the overall score was lost money and both eBay and PayPal probably view my accounts with suspicion. What experiences do others have?
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How To Use Ethereum & Bitcoin On eBay And CraigsList

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How To Use Ethereum & Bitcoin On eBay And CraigsList

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I bought a Bitcoin on eBay using Paypal. Be careful buyers as you are not covered if seller doesn't send.

I bought a Bitcoin on eBay using Paypal, the seller didn't send the Bitcoin and even admitted that they didn't send the Bitcoin. Through a few posts I saw here and there, I was lead to believe that the seller was taking most of the risk if I paid by Paypal. But this is not the case.
I'm posting this as a warning to people buying Bitcoin with eBay/Paypal that no you're not covered and the seller isn't taking all the risk.
Here is the message from Paypal...
Dear X,
Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding an item that you haven't received.
I have reviewed your account, and I understand from your email that your buyer has said that your seller hasn't sent the item to you and you opened a claim.
We completed our investigation for your claim. Unfortunately, PayPal Buyer Protection does not cover this claim. PayPal Buyer Protection only applies to PayPal payments for certain tangible, physical goods that can be posted. We are unable to grant you a refund because your payment was for one of the following items:
Intangible items, including Digital Goods Services Real estate, including residential property Businesses Vehicles, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, >aircraft and boats Custom made items Travel tickets, including airline flight tickets Items prohibited by the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy Items which you collect in person, or arrange to be collected >on your behalf Items that violate eBay’s Prohibited or Restricted Items Policy Industrial machinery used in manufacturing Items equivalent to cash, including prepaid or gift cards PayPal Direct Payments Virtual Terminal Payments Personal Payments
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I bought my bitcoin on this real? 1€ for 50?
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] On ebay selling Aquarium Fish Kshishtof, which can predict the course bitcoins. seriously? A fish...

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People are selling their bitcoin on eBay!

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I used to sell Bitcoin on eBay. /r/Bitcoin

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How To Sell Bitcoin on eBay for 300% Profit, Then Lose It All

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Great deals for Bitcoin on eBay /s /r/Bitcoin

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Since Ebay sold PayPal when will they accept Bitcoin on Ebay since there is no longer a conflict of interest?

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Don't Get Ripped Off Buying Bitcoin or Mining Contracts on eBay Cómo Comprar en Ebay con Bitcoin I BOUGHT A BITCOIN ON EBAY FOR $1000!

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Don't Get Ripped Off Buying Bitcoin or Mining Contracts on eBay

I BOUGHT A BITCOIN ON EBAY FOR $1000! Tanner Fox. Loading... Unsubscribe from Tanner Fox? ... I Bought a Bitcoin on Craigslist for $17,300 - Duration: 14:52. TechSmartt 1,531,025 views. 14:52 ... How to buy on Amazon ebay with bitcoin - Duration: 5:08. PC 911 Computer & Cell Phone Repair 6,704 views. 5:08. Comprar en Amazon México con Bitcoin y Volabit - Duration: 6:55. ... What to look out for when buying Bitcoins or Bitcoin mining contracts on eBay. This also includes resources to use when buying Bitcoin or mining Bitcoins.